INTRODUCTION: 1) Background of the team and members selection explained. 2) The team highlights the evidence of participation and effective planning of the project.:5,PROJECT SELECTION & DEFINITION: 1) The team clearly explained how and why the project was selected. 2) The project and terminologies used were clearly defined and explained. 3) Target setting was explained and justified based on appropriate analysis or benchmark data/information.:15,IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES ANALYSIS: 1) Improvement opportunities were identified based on sufficient data/information, which is gathered through various means and appropriate tools. 2) Systematic analysis and evaluation of potential causes were conducted to identify root causes with appropriate use of tools. 3) Verification and validation of selected improvement opportunities/root causes were carried out using various methods.:25,CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS/IMPLEMENTATION:20,MONITORING AND STANDARDISATION:10,ACHIEVEMENT & VALUE CREATION:20,PRESENTATION:5

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