Online Contest Voting and Tabulation

This online voting tool speeds the tabulation of Toastmasters contest results and is particularly useful for contests conducted online, where the judges and contest functionaries are not all in the same room. See the related blog post and video demo for an overview of how it works. The video tutorial embedded below gives more how-to details for contest organizers.

You can see a demo of the user interface for judges here.

This tool is built into the club websites created with WordPress for Toastmasters. On this website, it is independently available for the use of areas, divisions, and districts, as well as clubs that do not use the WordPress for Toastmasters software.


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The same user account allows you to create a club website using WordPress for Toastmasters, which includes an integrated version of this contest scoring system. (You do not actually have to go through the process of setting up a club website if all you want is access to this tool.)

I think the Toastmost contest tools are remarkable.  I served as chief judge for a division contest.  The tools made the job so easy.  I held an online training session for contest officials a few days before the contest.  It was easy for the officials to use the tools.  I had very few questions.  I had eight (8) judges voting and experienced problems with only one.  We used a work around for that one judge. 

I am a huge fan of the contest tools.

Lillian Cooke, DTM, Area 11 Director,  District 77

Video: Tutorial for Contest Organizers

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Video: Timing Tool and Sharing it in Zoom

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